Reliable supply

Petroserv supplies Northern Canada by ship and remote areas of Québec, Ontario and Labrador by land. Fuel from the SUNCOR Energy Petro-Canada (TM A Suncor Energy Inc. trademark) refinery in Montreal is trucked to the PetroServ drumming facility at the port of Sainte-Catherine, less than an hour away. PetroServ's facilities there are among the most modern and automated in North America.


Filing and storage facilities at Saint-Catherine

Digitally controlled filling


PetroServ, working with its sister company PetroLub, offers a full range of lubricants designed and produced by Petro-Canada, as well as other products necessary to keep your equipment functioning properly.

Whether you are involved in construction, drilling or transportation, PetroServ will provide the products you need and can ship them with your drummed fuels.


Drum ready for filling

Labelling and loaded on pallets

Pallets ready for shipping